Hedelix® Effervescent Cough Tablets are the right choice especially for adults and primary school-age children that prefer their medicine to be tasty. A great alternative to conventional forms of cough medicine like drops, syrup or tablets! Hedelix® Effervescent Cough Tablets are naturally effective, with the fruity taste of black currant. They are easy to split, dissolve well in hot or cold water and, taken this way for a cough, they provide important additional fluids in an enjoyable fruity form!

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In the course of 2015, the trainees at KrewelMeuselbach in Eitorf have thought out a project that is as much creative as it is helpful, and then put it into practice:

the Christmas calendar of good deeds.

The goal is to provide charitable support to various institutions, clubs and organisations. So kindergartens, retirement homes and social welfare institutions can be pleased – there is both a donation in kind and a community activity by our trainees and staff for the institution revealed behind each door.