Commitment to our own cause ...

Social responsibility has been one of the guiding principles of KrewelMeuselbach ever since the company was founded. Even in the beginning, the founder, Dr Blank, always looked towards the professional and personal concerns of his employees. And we continue to live this caring principle today. With the introduction of a pension scheme for our employees we broadened this commitment, and its significance is becoming very clear today. In addition, the careful and gradual merging of the companies Krewel and Meuselbach is a testament to our social responsibility. We offer young people in the region systematic work training in many areas – commercial, technical and manual. Our farsighted further education programmes have led to many of our former trainees growing into positions of responsibility. Our social commitment extends far beyond this to many areas of public life.

... and to our surroundings.

As a mid-sized family company in a rural area, we naturally also feel committed to the people and their region. For this reason we promote and support a number of organisations in both social and leisure areas. We not only support local schools in setting up laboratories and computer workstations, but also offer practical work experience to students so that in the course of their schooling they can gain a deeper insight into the way a modern pharmaceutical company works. In addition, we have cooperated for many years with the Rhein-Sieg-Werkstätten, a sheltered workshop and counselling centre in Eitorf. Since 1987, we have employed a gardening team from this organisation for the ongoing upkeep of the entire grounds of the production site.