Constant pain should never be ignored or put up with. The earlier that treatment with medication begins, the more successful is the chance that pain can be relieved or even eliminated. As a result, early therapy requires less and weaker painkillers than if you wait until the pain is unbearable to get treatment. A variety of pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medications are available for the therapy of chronic back and joint pain. The range of non-prescription medications includes very well-tolerated herbal preparations, for example extracts of rampion root.

Non-prescription products:

Rivoltan® – attack the pain.

Rivoltan® is the herbal alternative for back and joint complaints. Rampion extract has a pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory effect and relieves muscle tension.

Rivoltan® Devil's Claw 480 mg
  • Active ingredient: Devil`s claw root dry extract
  • Supporting treatment of degenerative disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  • Relieves pain, inflammation and muscle tension
  • Gentle to the stomach; also well suited for long-term treatment
  • High dose of herbal drug, only 1 film-coated tablet 2 x daily
  • Package sizes: 50 film-coated tablets, 100 film-coated tablets
  • Pharmacy only
  • Package leaflet
  • Rivoltan® Devil´s claw 480 mg. Available only in pharmacies. Active substance: Devil´s claw root dry extract. Indication: For supportive therapy in wear of the musculoskeletal system. Note: In acute conditions (e.g. with reddening, swelling, overheating of joints) and persistent symptoms ask your doctor. Updated: 11/15‑1.