Proven quality from Germany.

The name KrewelMeuselbach stands for two companies with an impressive tradition in the German pharmaceutical world: Krewel Werke GmbH from Eitorf and Meuselbach-Pharma GmbH from Thuringia. The merger of these two tradition-steeped pharmaceutical companies in 1996 gave birth to Krewel Meuselbach GmbH. Great creativity and innovative spirit have always shaped the history of both companies.

From pharmacy to pharmaceutical company.
The history of Krewel Werke GmbH begins in 1893 in Cologne, when the pharmacy Apotheker Krewel & Co. was founded by the pharmacist August Krewel. In 1922, Dr phil. Ernst Georg Blank took over management of the company and began production of the medicinal preparation Analgit®. The high demand for Analgit® was the motivation for the industrial manufacture of the medication. The foundation stone for the Krewel production facilities was laid. Following this, Dr Blank expanded the range of indications and developed other preparations of high pharmaceutical and therapeutic quality, some of which are still used in therapy today.

After the death of Dr Blank in 1957, Dr med. Josef Viefhues managed the company successfully until his early death in 1969. His wife, Inge Viefhues née Blank, took over management of the company after this ill stroke of fate. Under her management began the phase of technical development that made the company into a model, mid-sized pharmaceutical firm.

Over 300 years of Thuringian tradition.

Meuselbach-Pharma, located in Thuringia, counted amongst the oldest German pharmaceutical companies. It is first mentioned in documents in 1745. But around 50 years earlier, the brothers Johann Balthasar and Johann Nicolai Lichtenheldt – the original founders of Meuselbach-Pharma – worked as laboratory technicians and traders in materia medica.

In 1926 the production range included 288 articles, which were exported to Europe and North America, as well as Australia and India. After the Second World War, Meuselbach-Pharma joined with other laboratories to become VEB Pharmazeutisch-Chemische Fabrik Meuselbach.