Down-to-earth, but with international scope.

We are an internationally operating family company with a strong commitment to our region and with our own production facilities here in Germany. These strong roots give us the strength to succeed and grow in the dynamic pharmaceutical market with its global challenges.

Our know-how and long experience generate the ideas and innovations that give our products that certain touch: the most modern health products developed with the knowledge of generations – highly effective and well tolerated.

A healthy foundation for tomorrow.

To guarantee the quality of our medicinal preparations long term and to constantly expand our innovative capability, we invest continuously in research and development, as well as in the training and further education of our highly motivated team. The willingness of our staff to take on responsibility and achieve coupled with efficient organisation form the basis of our success.

In addition, through individually tailored business partnerships and close cooperation with our dependable partners, we sustainably and exclusively strengthen the national and international presence of our health products in pharmacies.

Let plants do their work.

Our competitive position is based on the high quality of our medicinal products and the further innovative galenic development of established active ingredients. A quite essential aspect of our philosophy is taking herbal alternatives into account.

Long years of research and developing gentle production processes for herbal medicinal products have made the manufacture of particularly well-tolerated phytopharmaceuticals possible. For a long time we have been setting benchmarks in the standardisation of herbal extracts and their innovative galenic processing, and in maintaining a consistently high bioavailability of the active ingredients.