Once again this year, KrewelMeuselbach will be represented with its own booth at CPHI 2019 — the world's largest pharmaceutical exhibition.
We are looking forward to your visit at our stand 92A15
(exhibition floor plan).

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KrewelMeuselbach operates internationally and is already represented in over 50 countries today. Recently, Hedelix® Cough Syrup has been launched in Malta. The ivy based product is very well tolerated, in particular among children. Read more about Hedelix®.

Aspecton® Cough Syrup and Aspecton® Junior Cough Suppressant are recently available in Moldova and the United Arab Emirates as well. Click here for detailed product information about Aspecton®.

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Once again this year, KrewelMeuselbach was in attendance with its own stand at expopharm — Europe's largest pharmaceutical trade fair.

In addition to product information and individual consultations, you had the chance to try out the new Aspecton® Nasal Spray as well as our popular Aspecton® Immune, to see the impressive product characteristics for yourself.

A lot of visitors accepted the invitation to the fascinating expert lecture on "medicinal support for nasal function" by Dr. Uso Walter on Friday 12/10/2018.

Thank you for your visit!

Aspecton® scores well with a rating of "very good" — not only in the overall patient rating, but also in the efficacy and tolerance categories.

In a wide-ranging study by FOCUS and ServiceValue, more than 150 medications (which are available over the counter in Germany) from ten symptom categories were examined. They were evaluated by almost 10,000 patients in terms of their tolerance, efficacy and price-performance ratio.

Aspecton® Cough Syrup, Cough Drops and Eukaps received an overall patient rating of "very good" as well as a "very good" rating in the efficacy and tolerance categories. In addition, the price-performance ratio was rated "good".

You will find the test report for over-the-counter medications, which is unfortunately only available in German, as well as additional information on the topic at http://www.deutschlandtest.de/medikamente-ohne-rezept

Aspecton® and trnd provided 1000 people with product samples of the new Aspecton® Nasal Spray and have been overwhelmed with positive feedback.

In collaboration with the influencer marketing provider trnd, 1000 product testers for the new Aspecton® Nasal Spray were selected; these testers were able to familiarise themselves with the patented sea salt solution nasal spray by Aspecton® and pass on product samples to their friends and family. The upshot is that 89% of the testers would recommend Aspecton® Nasal Spray to their friends and family.

Those taking part in the project were able to share their experiences and the knowledge they had gained about the moistening, nourishing, cleansing and protective ingredients of Aspecton® Nasal Spray with those around them who could benefit from the product — either in person or online.

For example, a trnd influencer announced her positive opinion of the sea salt solution nasal spray by Aspecton® on the project blog, thereby expressing what many others felt:

"I am very happy that I am involved in this project. As an ex-nasal spray addict, I was always looking for an alternative, which I was previously unable to find. With Aspecton, I have found a solution that works perfectly for me. I only take it when needed and it is absolutely sufficient to ensure that the nasal mucosal swelling reduces slightly and that the nasal mucosa are moistened. I can breathe and sleep through the night. I feel good when I use the nasal spray, and I am happy that I am no longer dependent, but that I can still get help when I have a blocked nose. I'm really very satisfied." #erholungfürverstopftenasen (#reliefforblockednoses)

Even those participants with a professional specialist background are impressed by the new Aspecton® Nasal Spray and pleased that they have been introduced to the innovative product. For example, in the future, they will be able to offer their patients an alternative to chemical nasal sprays in the pharmacy.

According to a trnd survey, 99% of the test participants asked have been "(somewhat) unsatisfied" with their current nasal spray to date and 13% even indicated that they were long-term users who were dependent on their nasal spray.

For background information on the common cold and nasal spray addiction as well as tips for weaning from chemical nasal sprays, visit www.aspecton.info

Hedelix® Effervescent Cough Tablets are the right choice especially for adults and primary school-age children that prefer their medicine to be tasty. A great alternative to conventional forms of cough medicine like drops, syrup or tablets! Hedelix® Effervescent Cough Tablets are naturally effective, with the fruity taste of black currant. They are easy to split, dissolve well in hot or cold water and, taken this way for a cough, they provide important additional fluids in an enjoyable fruity form!

Find out all the important information you need here.

In the course of 2015, the trainees at KrewelMeuselbach in Eitorf have thought out a project that is as much creative as it is helpful, and then put it into practice:

the Christmas calendar of good deeds.

The goal is to provide charitable support to various institutions, clubs and organisations. So kindergartens, retirement homes and social welfare institutions can be pleased – there is both a donation in kind and a community activity by our trainees and staff for the institution revealed behind each door.