Always something new to discover.

To guarantee the quality of our medicinal preparations long term and to constantly expand our innovative capability, we invest continuously in research and development. Our innovation activities focus on galenic product development and optimising the use of established herbal active ingredients. When developing galenic products, we focus on classical issues like sustained release dosage forms of tablets and pellets, improvement in bioavailability and improvement in compliance, as well as on innovative solutions with established herbal products.

New standards for phytopharmaceuticals.

With phyto-preparations, current quality standards merely take account of the drug-extract relation, the extracting agent and the standardisation of ingredients. Standards on the release of the active components do not currently exist, although the pharmacological and the resulting medicinal effects are strongly influenced by this. For this reason, we are working keenly on setting new impulses to solve this problem.

Quality that sets standards.

In our quality control department, we are developing analytical methods for characterising present-day and future products. This development of methods in keeping with the current state of knowledge and technology is for us more a question of ethics rather than merely a legal obligation. We wish to be absolutely sure at all times that our products fulfil the valid quality standards. All results are collated in quality casebooks and completed by our medical and scientific department with information on pharmaceutical drug safety.